Adriane offers a full curriculum of Presentations, Workshops, Lead Generation Seminars and Webinars, including:

Practice Growth

Grow your practice with Financial Gerontology

Unique Products

Annuities & Insurance as Longevity Investments


Coaching Advisors on Successful Aging and LTC


Income Stream Selling

Office Set Up

How to Set Up A Financial Office to Reach the Affluent, Mature Client

Seminar Design

Seminars for lead generation and best techniques of effective presentations.


Reach affluent markets with Financial Gerontology

Adriane conducts business growth, sales and marketing training and consulting for numerous major and mid-sized financial services firms including: Ameriprise, Lincoln Financial, Asset Strategies International, Blackrock, Transamerica, Merrill Lynch, Townsend Financial, ARS Financial, Chubb and many more.

She uses accelerated learning and self-actualization techniques including Train the Trainer, Peak Potential Certification, and Tony Robbins Financial Mastery Training, all with an overlay of compliance adherence.

Training is preceded by intense consultation to study your target market and the existing means of reaching that market.